Corin Un (Cole)

Female Bard/ General Evil Doer/ "Champion of the People"


Onyx skinned female.

Str 12
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 15
Wis 10
Cha 16

Speed 30 ft

Base Attack 1
Melee 2
Ranged 3

HP 17
AC 15

Fort 1
Reflex 5
Will 3

Streetwise Bard 1
Bonus to: bluff, disguise, knowledge (local), sleight of hand, diplomacy, and intimidate to influence a crowd.

Diplomacy to gather information.


Not much is know about Corin’s past. Most of what is know is shaky at best, and could be entirely made up by Corin herself. The most prominent version of the story goes as follows, pieced together from an impressive and intricate web of stories and songs performed as she traveled.

Corin was born into a band of gypsies, and made her way around the world with her troop to survive. Never staying in one place for too long, she became dependent on her fellow gypsies but was never really committed to the hand that she was dealt in life. As she grew older, she found love in another, Christine, and devoted the rest of her life to this woman. The two of them had a very passionate relationship, but they were shunned by almost everyone else in the troop. Group law said that you had to contribute to the group another member through birth or be exiled. They chose to flee the group and try and make it on their own. On making it to the next city, they found work in an inn and began to live their life away from the wandering group that had been their family for so long.

It wasn’t long until Christine became homesick and began to detest the life that they lead. Christine no longer wanted to be a part of civilized society and insisted on finding father; Maester Lukitus, the troops alchemical healer. and reuniting. Corin, desperately trying to keep the one she loved, agreed to go back. Corin knew this was a bad idea though, and tried to brace Christine for the inevitable.

They caught up to the group outside a hamlet near the marshes. Members of the family mostly just chose not to speak to them. Some spat as they walked by. They were treated like full outsiders for the first time by the troop that had raised them to be as they were. Christine went straight through the camp to find the Maester and Corin sat near the entrance and waited, not willing to put herself through the ridicule of those that she once called family.

Christine found her father and he immediately struck her to the ground.

“If you want to spend your time lying with filth, then join with the pigs on the ground,” he spat at her. He delivered a sharp kick to her ribs and walked away. He never bothered to look back.

Christine brought herself up from the ground and found Corin. They left together but Christine was not herself. As much as Corin tried, Christine wouldn’t speak. Dusk was falling and they knew that as long as the troop was in town that they would not be welcome. Without the help of Christine, Corin set camp for the two of them. After trying once more to comfort Christine and failing, Corin fell asleep.

When she woke Christine was no longer there. She had left a note that said she was going to travel with the group again and that Corin should not follow. She would always love her, but she just couldn’t lose everyone and everything she had ever known to pursue that love. Corin ran to the camp to try to convince Christine to change her mind. She knew that they would never take her back, and that Christine might be in danger for going back after the Maester himself had tossed her aside.

When she arrived, she found that the camp was gone. In the middle of the packed earth that was the only clue that it had ever been there, she saw a fire and was immediately drawn to it. As she walked closer her nostrils filled with a sweet smell, like meat being cooked on a spit. She broke inside when she finally got close enough to see what she feared she would. There, on the top of the refuse from the camp’s stay, lie Christine. Killed and abandoned by her father and the rest of the family that had raised them.

Corin quickly stole a horse from the hamlet and set off to catch the troop. It didn’t take long and before she knew it she was running through camp, mind hellbent on justice for her love. When she found Christine’s father she lashed at him with her dagger and he struck her down. He tied her up and told her that she would pay for her crimes against the family.

“Kill me now. I have no more reason to live anyway,” Corin cried.

“No! You will live with what you have done.” screamed Lukitus. “Live with the knowledge that if you had but left her alone, she would still be alive. I will, however, give you a reminder so you can never forget what you have done.”

He cut her clothes from her body and poured a stinging viscous liquid all over her body. As the liquid moved to cover her skin it began to sink in and change her body. Through searing pain and tears she watched as he once beautiful alabaster skin stained to the color of ash, a color that would forever remind her of the fate that her love suffered at the hands of this monster.

Once the liquid had done its work, Maester Lukitus cut Corin from her bindings and knocked her cold. When she woke she was on her own.

Corin Un (Cole)

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