Pathfinder Nordic Lands

Session 3
Beyond the walls

The party left the city to explore key areas of the countryside.

A large precession was seen entering the city.

They encountered what appeared to be a bear on top of a hillock. Upon slaying the animal it was discovered to be human. The human was a part of a commune of shapeshifters headed by an aging druid, name Barry.

Upon reaching the second hillock, the party discovered a bloody ritual circle of some sort. (Eric) stumbled upon a doorway of some sort doorway and was teleported to a keep somewhere. He returned almost immediately with no idea where he was or how he got there.

Session 2

Cole and Eric searched the marketplace for goods.

Ryan and Dan mapped out the sewer systems and have made contact with a few NPCs.

I will update this more thoroughly when I have the time. Probably our next cumulative session

Session 1

There has been an attack on the city. A horde of Orcs appeared and attempted to make it into the city. Sigvatr Sveinsson (Dan) was grievously injured in the initial charge but was saved by (Ryan) and (Cole). After a brutal melee, the Orcs disappeared in a flash of foul green smoke, leaving no trace other than the dead.

(Eric) has procured a whorehouse.
(Cole) spent a lot of time around the town helping the people clean up the aftermath of battle.
(Ryan) and Sigvatr Sveinsson (Dan) have discovered the resident Enchanter/Blacksmith and have equipment currently being created

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