Sigvatr Sveinsson (Dan)

Human Male Fighter, housecarl


STR 16
DEX 13
CON 15
INT 14
WIS 12


  • Shield Focus
  • Combat Expertise
  • Improved Shield Bash


  • Climb 1 rank (+7)
  • Ride 1 rank (+5)
  • Survival 1 rank (+5)
  • Swim 1 rank (+7)
  • Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 1 rank (+6)

Sigvatr was born in a village that has since vanished into the wilderness. His mother died when he was 2, while giving birth to a younger sister. The sister did not survive her first year. His father, Svein, turned to drinking and fell into debt.

At the age of 9, Sigvatr was effectively sold into slavery as a child pit fighter in order to pay his father’s debts. He quickly learned to do whatever it took to survive, and learned how to fight with a wide variety of weapons and armor.

Living this way, he quickly gained skills as a fighter, and eventually was “promoted” out of the pits and into a real ludus and given training as a “shield fighter”, using a shield to protect his spear partner and a club to stun his opponents so his allies could finish them off. However, at the age of 14, he was betrayed by his own partner in the ring and left for dead.

Some time passed, and Sigvatr awoke to find himself alive in the wilderness, but naked and penniless, without any possessions. After spending some time as a cave hermit, trying to determine his path forward, he decided to try and find a life as a caravan guard. Wandering the road, he came across a bandit group ambushing a small party on the road – including Ryan, the wizard. Coming to their aid, but without any gear or provisions, he managed to slay one bandit and wound two others before almost dying from blood loss. After driving off the rest of the bandits, Ryan healed the ailing Sigvatr and took him into his service as a housecarl.

Sigvatr Sveinsson (Dan)

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